Advanced Dog Obedience Class (May-June 19) TBC

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This event finished on 20 June 2019

About the Course

Once you and your dog have mastered the basics, advanced dog obedience training can be very rewarding and is a big part of dog ownership. Knightsbay Dog Training encourages dog owners to take an understanding and responsible view of advanced dog obedience training.

Russell offers a six-week advanced dog obedience course in Leicester which helps dog owners to train their dog advanced skills using positive reinforcement which are fair, kind and effective methods.

Due to the nature of the advanced dog obedience training course, Russell has some requirements before bookings are taken.  Owners and their dog must have completed either his puppy socialisation course or his dog obedience course, or have had a one-to-one dog obedience training with Russell.

During the six one-hour sessions he will build on the basic commands along with learning more advanced commands such as “Watch”, “Roll Over”, “Send away stand”, “Fetch” and “Sit to Greet”. He also encourages you to learn to do a fun trick with your dog to show the class.

DOTC Sit Command  DOTC Down Command   DOTC Come Command   DOTC Stay Command   DOTC Walk to Heel

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